Hochoka Healing Center


The Hochoka Healing Center was founded as a non-profit organization to preserve the gift of Lakota Spirituality and Way of Life with people of all races. Lakota Spirituality is based on the World view that everything is One; that all Creation is related. This is what the Lakota_ people mean by the phrase:
Mi takuye Oyasin or All My Relations.

What We Do

The Hochoka Healing Center draws upon the Ancient Wisdom of the Lakota Way ...to help People of All Races...find their Way back to connection with their Creator.

How We Do This

For the past nineteen years, we have shared the Sacred Pipe and three of the Lakota sacred ceremonies with people of all races. And, we have acted as a bridge between those who wish to share their abundance with those who are in need by creating Food Charity and Christmas Charity projects. You can select links from the navigation bar at left that will provide discussion of each of these ceremonies and charitable activities.

Who We Are

Co-founders, Bert Rooks and his wife, along with their extended family have been performing Lakota ceremonies for anyone who has asked for help.(Select Who We Are from the menu to find out more about our background)

Where We Offer Authentic Lakota Ceremony

The Hochoka Healing Center offers several sites across the American continent ( Turtle Island) where people can pray to their Creator. (Select Locations Map to see where you can participate in ceremonies).

Why We Established a Nonprofit Organization

Although, we have been sharing Lakota Ceremonies with people of all races since 1989, a decision was made in 2001 to incorporate and establish a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization in order to gather support and funding to expand our services. The following is a list of additional projects included in our Mission and in our hearts:

Current Projects

  • Supplying authentic Inipi and Hunblecheya ceremonies for people of all races at all the sites on the Locations Map.
  • Supporting the Sun Dance being performed annually in New Mexico.
  • Supporting individuals who need help (transportation, lodging, baby-sitting) to participate in Lakota ceremonies.
  • Joining with the local Community Food Bank to provide families with needed food.
  • Accumulating and delivering Christmas presents and stockings to indigenous children in South Dakota.
  • Supporting the Ceremonial Site in South Dakota.

Future Projects

  • Establishing a scholarship fund to help people attend scared ceremonies
  • Videotaping Lakota elders who wish to share about their vanishing Way of Life.
  • Expanding existing Spiritual Centers to include lodging and educational facilities.
  • Establishing Lakota language classes in Spiritual Centers.

We would like to invite you to join us in our Mission of sharing and preserving Lakota Spirituality and Way of Life.

Who We Are

Bert Rooks was an enrolled member of the Oglala Sioux Tribe. He was raised in the Eagle Nest District of the Pine Ridge Reservation. At an early age he was taken to live with his uncle, Charles Kills Ree, who was a Yuwipi medicine man in Manderson, South Dakota, to be trained to perform Lakota ceremony. During the time he spent living with his uncle and later after he was married and had established his own family, he assisted his Uncle Charlie in performing his ceremonies. After his uncle 's death, he was called to serve the people. His marriage to a non-Indian woman in 1989 opened the way for him to share authentic Lakota ceremony with non-Indian people of all races.

Bert and his wife began by offering the Sweat Lodge ceremony to women in Taos, New Mexico. Eventually, they expanded the ceremonies that they offered, to include the Vision Quest and Sun Dance, and were offering these ceremonies to people of all races in five different states.

During the course of time, Bert and his wife were able to teach their sons and other members of their extended family to perform the lnipi (or Sweat Lodge ceremony). Several of these trained people are currently maintaining lodges on their private property, so that the people in their communities can get help through this ancient Lakota ceremony. (Select Locations Map to see where these Sweat Lodge ceremonies are being offered.)

In 2001, all these ceremonial leaders, an enthusiastic Board of Directors, and others interested in promoting these sacred ceremonies joined together to establish the Hochoka Healing Center, Inc. Their common vision was to expand services currently being offered and to develop projects which they felt would fulfill their mission of charity and preserving the Lakota Way of Life.

It's been about 2 1/2 years since our beloved teacher and founder of Hochoka Healing Center went home (Bert Earnest Rooks). As it would be when someone with his type of connection with the Creator leaves, it truly helps you see who he really was. He had many dreams and hopes for his people and he balanced a delicate life of a very traditional Lakota man, and sharing one of the few untouched ways of life with people of all races and backgrounds. We as a group see the 20+ years he devoted to his visions, and we passionately, and with great respect for his culture, do our best to keep his teachings and compassion moving forward.

Serving South Dakota, New Mexico, & Georgia   hochokahealing@gmail.com